The Birds are all the peoples who participate to the growth of the Conspiracy.

They try to share the valors of the brand and they also want to push their limits. The Birds also prticipate with the Conspiracy by showing our poducts and promote them on their social networks.

The Birds don't come from the same tree but they share the same envy. They want to live free, want to push their limits and spread their wings.

Every Bird is free, the goal of Bird Conspiracy is to permit to those young talents to get the skills they needs to spread their wings.

As Bird Conspiracy is a very young brand, we still looking for Birds to grow our familly and take a fly with us.

The sellings of our products will permit us to finance our Birds but also to hire new and continue to develop our brand, our product and our project. That's why your participation is so important. You can buy our product of course or share our project on your social networks. You can also join us by clicking "Becoming a Bird" down here. 

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The more the merrier ! Participate to the Conspiracy, the more we will be, more we will be able to give you the best quality possible for our product and to realize our project and help our Birds.

From all the Birds, THANK YOU !
And see you soon in the Conspiracy.