Becoming a Bird

Merci ! Message envoyé.

You want to become a full part member of the conspiracy, a bird

One of the goals of Bird Conspiracy is to give the opportunity to young talents to develop themselves thanks to partenership with the brand. the purpose is to mutualy enjoy the win in notoriety and skills to let them realize some projects always more ambitious and to make the brand last and grown to continue developing new talents.

You can be sportive, graphist, drone pilot, cameraman, editor,... or you juste want to participate to our growth.

JOIN US ! The birds needs you.

Why joining us?

The idea is to give you opportunity to get acces to collaborative projects with other birds to let you develop your individual skills, create content of quality and spread your name to make you earn reconnaissance by your pairs. The more you will be, the more there will be opportunities to create something awesome.

For example :


Your are a young mountain biker trying to explode. You already well-know on social networks but you want to be more recognized.

For this, plus your sportive skills, you need a good communcation, a good content. That's why after an interview to understand your goals, the Conspiracy can decide to give you the ways to get to your goals.
It can be financial, for your trip, competitions,...
But also materials or human such as a cameraman that whe chose before to give you a great quality content.

The purpose is that everyone win in this. You win notoriety by improving your skills and making quality and we earn notoriety because our product are shown on the contents.


How to Join Us ?

It is very simple.

Contac-us with the following box or directly to with topic "BECOMING A BIRD".

  • Do Not forget your personnal (Firstname, Lastname, age, CountryRégion or département).

  • Give us a quick presentation Of you and explain what are your goals and your skills, , abd finally why do you want join us.

  • If you have a book or social networks where we can see your talents, Send it to us.​

  • Click on "send" and you will receive and answer soon.

See you in the Conspiracy