Bird Conspiracy is a brand that wants to take part in many aspect of lifesports, digital, audiovisuel and giving opportunities to young talented people to acceed an infrastructure with tools and contacts who will permit them to develop themselves and participate to the growth of our Conspiracy.

For this, we will need time and of course your help and your participation. We will need first to have enough turnover made by the selling of the products of our brand to make Bird Conspiracy self-sufficient and able to develop to a new step and give a regular salary to their co-workers.

Once this goal reached, Bird Conspiracy will use a  part of the profits (between 25% and 50%) to give the best help possible to the Birds.

Befor this, Bird Conspiracy gives to the Birds the products from the brand in exange of mutual advertisment. When it is possible, some projects are also made between and by the Birds.

To give you a better explanation of how Bird Conspiracy is working, here is an example.


The Conspiracy see a young ahtlete with already a kind ofvnotoriety on social networks, someone we can call "influencor", but non-represented by big sponsors.

After an interview to know the futurs goals of this athlete, Bird Conspiracy can decide to invest on this talent to develop his skills and give him ways and tools to accomplish his ambitions.

Those ways can be financials, for trips, compétitions, hardware .

And also material or human.

For example , for a good promotion today, it is important especialy for an athlete to be very present on social medias with video, edits, and pictures.

To make this possible, Bird Conspiracy can decide to loan a cameraman and an editor to this athlete to realize those contents.

What is the purpose of the Conspiracy to do this ?

          We want to help young peoples to spread their wings as we did and create the bigger community possible to have a lot of talented people able to work together to promote our brand.

Why ?

            The longshot goal of Bird Conspiracy is to be worldwide in as much domain as possible : sport, eSport, digital, music, audiovisuel, fashion, design.

But who knows, maybe in few times we will need to aim a new market such as e-sport which wasn't considerated few years ago.

You got it, the goal of Bird Conspiracy is to become an « empire » almost auto-suffisant in therm of brains, talents, ressources and infrastructures.

The brand Bird Conspiracy will start by focusing on the sellings of the products on thanks to our ambassador in a way to earn enough benefices to be able to take at least 25% of it to finance our Birds.