our story

     Bird Conspiracy is a project created in 2013 by two friends from ride : Romain Pastoret and Fabien Bertarini. After the departure of Fabien for the Unaited States of America, the project stopped...

In 2019, after finishing his studies, getting graduated and tried a common job during few times, Romain didn't felt happy so he decided to start again the project and launch Bird Conspiracy to spread his wings and give to others the opportunity to do the same. But it's only with the meeting between Romain and Hugo Messager that the project has been able to be launch

Formally invited by Romain to be  brand ambassador, Hugo has been immediately over-motivated and he immediately wanted to do more for the project with. Thanks to the ideas and the contacts of Hugo, The brand has been able to grow faster. By the time, the two friends became a strong team, using the complementary skills personality of both.

The first want was to create. At the beginning, the idea was just to do a clothing brand. But with the huge potencial of Grenoble's region for mountain and urban sports, the brand quickly decide to become something more. A brand able to sell products but also able to build a community around actions sports and digital and help young peoples.

     Today, Bird Conspiracy is a brand that aim to be a part in many areas : sports, digital, art and audiovisuel, and give opportunities to young talented peoples to access an infrastrucutre to give them tools and recources to help them.

As we started recently, we still need to make us known to sell enough products to have founds to create this infrastructure.