Short sleeves

Discover here our shortsleeves shirts. Proudly wear our colors with those shirts and be as comfy in the streets as when you ride. For you or for a gift, you will be sure to make someone happy.

Made in Portugal and screenprinted in France, our shirts are guaranteed 100% organic cotton for a maximum respect of our nature. Ink used for the impression of our logos are Eko-Tex meaning they are Eco-friendly too.

Long sleeves

Discover here our longsleeves baseball shirt. Very comfortable, light and a lot of style, you can wear it like this or under a jacket, to chill or to ride, you will be always self-confident with it. 

Made in Belgium and screenprinted in France, we still wanted to give you a respectfull product of nature and Mens.

Ink Eco-friendly Eko-Tex.

Certified VEGAN